"This song was her anthem. Don’t it just penetrate your soul and tell the truth about everything you ever felt in your whole life?"

Misty Day in Boy Parts

The world isn’t safe for a girl like me. But maybe I’m not safe for the world, either.


Hayley "Tangled Into the Blue" 1x03


today during class this guy kept reaching into his bag and my teacher was like put your phone up and he didn’t and she was like kenny give me your phone or you’re going to the office and he was like its not a phone and then pulled out a bucket of fried chicken



One time I was playing The Sims. My kid had a soccer game, and while the teams were huddled up, I changed to buy mode and put washing machines around the opposing team, enclosing them within their detergent scented prison. Thanks to my ingenious strategy, my child’s team was able to take the ball from the opposite goalie and score repeatedly. By the time the clock ran out, we were up 46-0, and the opposing team was sobbing in puddles of their own piss. I am the best soccer mom.




"selfie culture" seems so tame by comparison when you realize that not only did old timey rich people spend a fortune commissioning artists to paint flattering images of them, they spent many hours sitting for these portraits

who’s the me generation now


#art museums are actually just full of renaissance selfies this post just changed my life


The older I get the more I realise there are no grown ups and nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing.


Self-Titled Tour 2013